Get a Responsive Website + Creative Copy for R500 p/m

If you have recently lost your favourite Copywriter, Website Designer, or App Developer to rehab, an alien abduction, or perhaps an alien abduction cult in rehab, welcome, we’ve been expecting you. Pyjama Rebels is not a company, brand, or artificial monstrosity in any way. We are simply a digital tribe of skilled independent media entrepreneurs and website wizards who share, support, and collaborate. 

Feel free to click around, or skip the pitch and contact us now.

We’re a tribe of award-winning copywriters, IT gurus, designers, and website developers and for the last decade we’ve been helping small startups, smart entrepreneurs, and monster brands to grab eyeballs, touch hearts, alter attitudes and inspire action. That sounds ultra fancy, but here’s our subtle secret…

Instead of wasting money and energy chasing after cyber butterflies, we help our clients to grow more attractive gardens. We also casually let drop that people don’t buy what you do. They buy WHY you do it.

Okay, enough with the fluffy wax-on-wax-off, here be our offer: We will build you a custom, elegant, and mobile responsive website bursting with compelling, imaginative, and action-driven text, PLUS throw in a fresh domain and secure email hosting. And then… We’ll do the forbidden and teach you how to take full control of your new toys to boldly go forth and prosper.

Here’s the final recap and urgent call to action one more time for those in the cheap seats… Get a bespoke website with kick-ass copy for only R500 a month! This is a limited time, risk-free offer, only valid while stocks last, and blah, blah, blah, more sales talk, blah…

Are you in?

Contact one of our Rebels, now!

P.S. We also ‘do’ full eCommerce online shops from R750 and native mobile Apps from R1500 p/m

website development for R500 p/m
website development for R500 p/m
website development for R500 p/m
website development for R500 p/m