Still Not Into Social Media Marketing?

For the uninitiated, Social Media is best described as the means of interaction among individuals in virtual communities and online networks. Social Media Marketing refers to increasing website traffic through efforts to grab attention and encourage sharing between blogs and networking platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube & Pinterest.

Sure, it’s new technology, but don’t forget, we are still talking to humans…

10 Sizzling Social Media Marketing Insights

Social Media Marketing


Social Media is not a burden or just another flash in the pan craze; it’s a global business, a smoking-hot marketing tool, and a leading traffic generator for your website.

Social Media Marketing


The Social Media sphere is a burgeoning cyber playground where anything can be created, shared, exchanged, and commented upon in record time. Stop thinking so much about targeting consumers and start focusing on engaging your fans with stories relevant to their needs and wants.


Social Media Marketing is still so new that most companies aren’t doing a very good job, but avoiding it allows your competitors to capture your audience. No matter how big your brand, do not be afraid to come across as human. We buy people not products.



Thanks to rapidly advancing technology, Social Media is the fastest form of media out there, and the number of people using social media is increasing rapidly! If there ever was a bandwagon to jump on, social media is it!


When Social Media is strategically planned and professionally executed, it can mean new customers, a surprisingly lucrative ROI, and a healthy boost to your bottom-line. Not to mention global brand awareness when things go viral.

Social Media


Social media allows for vivid interactive storytelling! – Create a compelling narrative around your content and grow your own virtual communities. But… Once you’re in the social media ring, there is no retreat, no surrender. The content must flow or your audience will rebel and seek fresher pastures elsewhere.

Social Media Marketing

This might be a bit of a shock, but Twitter and Facebook can do much more than spread a juicy rumour, organise a flash mob or fuel a flame war. Properly deployed social media marketing becomes a living, breathing entity, which needs to be fed, nurtured and cared for.


Social media plays an important role in audience building and a definite parallel can be drawn between successful enterprises and a dynamic social media presence.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media makes it easier to quickly generate a buzz around your brand or offering. Every blog post, video, tweet, like, comment and status update offers the audience a reason to click through to your site. Once they arrive, the conversion possibilities are endless.

Call to Action


The most often overlooked element of a professional social media marketing campaign is the Call To Action. Social media gets your audience primed and excited, but you must lead them to the next step!