Elegant Homepage Copy for The Diamond Club (Australia)

Elegant Homepage Copy for The Diamond Club (Australia)

Diamonds Are NOT Forever!

Diamonds Symbolise Love & Commitment; Promise & Desire; Elegance & Exclusivity.

They are more than glorified gemstones, or matured chunks of pursed coal. Diamonds Are Precious & Eternal. They are more than a flashy way to say I have my own authentic style, and appreciate fine quality. Whether hidden away in a vault or proudly displayed in public, diamonds are immortal expressions of subtle beauty and fervent desire, priceless wealth and proud accomplishment.

The “star of stars” and “love’s fair light” hides wrinkles well, but once a diamond has touched you it leaves its mark forever.

The true value of these rare and dazzling beauties goes beyond the splendour of their sparkle, and deeper than the outpourings of excited emotion they are known to cause. Yes, they may exemplify exclusive indulgence, and be towering testaments to wealth, success and achievement, but they are also known to evoke solemn vows and manifest everlasting bonds. Even with today’s rapidly advancing technology true diamonds cannot be made, they have to be found.

For us, purity, colour, weight, origin, exceptional craftsmanship, and collaboration with our customers are all major concerns. 

We help you get exactly what you want, at a price you can afford. Around here, we understand that when it comes to choosing the diamond that is perfect for you, it’s not the size that matters; it’s the cut, clarity, and carat. Unleash your creativity and design your own authentic engagement ring, or allow our talented master cutter, Pierre to create something stunning and unique — something special that no one else has.

We can’t give him enough courage to finally pop the question, or help you plan the perfect fairytale wedding, but we can help your left hand steal the show!

Poets, pop stars, and politicians, have all tried to describe its mysterious allure, but the only way to truly appreciate a diamond is to own one. These are the reasons why the Diamond Club was formed in 1983, and still thriving. Our ecstatic customers keep coming back because we don’t do garish bling or design diamond-encrusted mp3 players. Our diamonds are quality certified and guaranteed conflict-free, not to mention reserved for the beloved and the betrothed…

Written for The Diamond Club