“The internet is a graveyard of dead facts.

But an idea that grips a person is alive.”


– Jordan Peterson

We Create Inspired Media in Every
Flavour of the Digital Rainbow

Pyjama Rebels is not a company, brand, or artificial monster in any way. We are simply a tribe of skilled independent digital entrepreneurs who share, support, and collaborate. We work harder, faster, smarter, and longer, because without a true passion for that we do, we don’t eat. Yes, that means we don’t have the luxury of pay checks, perks, or sick leave.

Riddle me this: Who do you want working for you? The agile, flexible, and experienced freelance specialist with a solid reputation, or the clock-watching junior in the cubicle who gets paid regardless?

Call us first. Thank you.

P.S. If you are a talented media maverick with blooming (or budding) Krav Maga creative skills, your own toys, and still in possession of your conscience, this is your call to a wild & rewarding adventure! Crazy ones, misfits, rebels, troublemakers, heathens, hermits, and autodidacts welcome. Yes, that’s a word and it means…   

Don’t believe us, hear it straight from our exhilarated clients!

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience!

“Daniel and I worked closely together to build an inbound marketing campaign for our company. Creative, dynamic and with a unique perspective, his team added punch and vigour to our website (which he redesigned from scratch) and our blogging efforts, which he penned with flair in his distinctive and entertaining style of writing.”

Justin Ashley
CEO, The KnowHow Hub 


2 million visitors in 48 hours!

Your approach was exactly what we were looking for. We went viral in 48 hours and your stunning work was lifted and used by Time Magazine, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, BBC, Daily Show with John Stewart and CNN. I hope you showed your mom all the awards!

Radha Vyas – London
Co-Founder, The Flash Pack

Let our work do the wheelies

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With over 20 hardcore years worth of seasoned Samurai skills in Creative Copy Writing, Art Direction, Advertising, Marketing, Branding, Design, and Strategy, we can help you make an memorable impact – no matter the medium.