The Benefits of Mobile Apps for Businesses in 2018

With the sheer volume of smartphones which is double the amount of the human population, it’s easy to see why companies are resorting to developing mobile apps. In this article, I’m going to show you how mobile apps can change the way your business plays the game and how these mobile-developed applications can really take your business to exciting and profitable heights.

Mobile Apps Add Value to Your Customers

Customers are the most important asset to a business and rightly so. It is the aim of the business to persuade customers to purchase their products and the one way they do this is by advertising. With email marketing, website banner ads, TV ads and radio ads, businesses are losing the ability to persuade their customers through the traditional means of advertising. That’s why mobile apps have burst onto the scene with such force.

Businesses have given customers something of value to interact with and this in turn leads to new sales. Most companies have created a form of loyalty and coupon system on their apps. You’ll most probably notice that many businesses are asking ┬ácustomers to sign up for loyalty cards or to register with their loyalty system. Most customers are happy to accept as long as the registration doesn’t involve a long and tedious process to sign up or another loyalty card to take up space in their wallets.

With an integrated loyalty and rewards app, businesses have removed both of these issues. The app now allows customers to earn points and rewards for shopping at your store. Now your customers are rewarded for shopping at your store and you have the confidence that your chances for their support is much more favorable. With advertising, we need to give clients something of value so that they will take notice. Mobile apps most certainly get their attention.

Convenience is King and “It’s Free” is the Queen

One thing most businesses are doing, is creating as much convenience for their customers as possible. People hate ques, people hate waiting, people want everything at a push of a button and like to do it in the comfort of their own homes. Many people will say a responsive website is as good as an app, but in reality it is a lot slower. Mobile apps offer an experience that is a lot faster than web browsing. Instead of typing in the web URL and waiting for a webpage to load just click on your app icon and get busy. Not only does an app load a lot faster than a website but, because the app is installed on your phone, it also gives users the ability to use the phone functions such as the camera which can send PDFs and images, NFC to allow for payments and GPS to connect with maps and other services.

One must never forget that these apps are free to use and customers aren’t charged for the use of the mobile apps. The customer can only benefit from using the app and will probably be more open to using it especially if you can provide them with offline features. There is nothing better than using a mobile app that doesn’t chow your data and customers couldn’t agree more.

Build Brand Awareness and Save Money

Mobile apps also give a certain allure to businesses and if the app itself is quite useful, it can also create some good buzz for a business. Not only do you create yourself a virtual brand ambassador but you also create yourself a rather potent direct marketing channel for future and current customers. With mobile apps, businesses can sell products and give customers the information they need right at their fingertips. Mobile apps also reduce costs in comparison to instant messaging and traditional forms of advertising.

Companies with apps have a direct gateway to open up with their customers by using a new feature called push notifications. The business sends a direct message to all people who have downloaded the app and the app delivers and secures these messages. This is perfect for companies wanting to send news out about any important business event or sale.

Mobile App Features to Blow Their Minds

Mobile apps aren’t just there to relay information and communicate with the customers. There are some amazing things that you can do with mobile apps that will make the lives of customers so much easier. Apps can provide booking forms which can allow customers to book a table at their favorite restaurant as well as access the menu to start figuring out what they would like to eat.

You can also sell products online and do the entire shopping experience on your mobile. Customers can go onto your app and shop for the product that they want to purchase. They find the product, put it in their cart and checkout on the business mobile app. Two examples of businesses that use this is Superbalist and Takealot. These businesses have e-commerce stores but still opted to go for a mobile app for the reasons I explained to you. It’s faster, quicker and has more power.

One can create review systems and even allow people to track parcels or other items on the app. There are so many amazing things that people can do with apps and so many ways for a business to benefit. Mobile apps have also become rather affordable and gone are the days where you pay Hundreds of Thousands to get the app you need. Don’t stay behind with the year 2017, move forward and get the business interaction your business deserves with its very own mobile app.


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