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With over 20 hardcore years worth of seasoned Samurai skills in Advertising Copywriting, Art Direction, Marketing, Branding, and Creative Strategy, we can help you make an unforgettable impact – no matter the medium.

“The most powerful element in advertising is the truth.”

— William Bernbach

“I have utilised Belshazzar’s copywriting expertise on many occasions. His style, wit and professionalism makes him a joy to work with. I highly recommend him!”adam3
Adam Howard, JHB, RSA
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Belshazzar's talents aren't limited to brilliant sales copy!

He is a highly creative, quick-witted and forward thinking individual who gives a holistic approach to his work. You get the whole package when you work with Belshazzar and his team. I have no hesitation in recommending him and I look forward to hiring him for my next project.”
Mary Cummings, London, UK
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“Belshazzar’s copy enticed 2 million visitors back to our website and increased our database by 600% within one week!” Radha Vyas & Lee Thompson, London, UK
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