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If you have recently lost your favourite Copywriter, Website Designer, App Developer, or IT Weirdo to rehab or an Alien abduction, welcome, we’ve been expecting you. Pyjama Rebels is not a company, brand, or artificial monstrosity in any way. We are simply a digital tribe of skilled independent media entrepreneurs who share, support, and collaborate.

We work faster, harder, and smarter, because without a true passion for that we do, we don’t eat. Yes, that means we don’t have the luxury of pay checks or perks, and don’t take sick leave on deadline days.

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* We also do boring websites and useless Apps, if you’re into that.

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Start small, do a face-lift, or go big with your own future-proof website engineered to load quickly and display perfectly no matter the device your audience prefers. We’ll take care of domain registration, hosting and all the technical stuff. Have a look at the quality on offer and call us first. Thank you

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